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Hooman Malekzad

Work Philosophy

Accurate information is the most important value behind all that we cherish in our modern lives, and it is the awesome force behind the explosion of the data driven Internet, my career industry. As an advocate of the "scientific method", I know that with strong data, creative thinking, and fast iterations to market, many business challenges can turn into lucrative opportunities.

As a 20-year veteran of the Internet, with experience in product development, marketing, design, engineering, and monetization, I am always anxious to bring my high standard of excellence and execution to any organization.

I look forward to hearing about any executive roles in Southern California that are befitting of my background and experience, so please feel free to contact me in this regard.


Work Experience

2018 - 2014 | Advertise.com - VP Publishers Services & Strategic Development

2013 - 2011 | JMI Equity / Business.com - Growth Consultant

2009 - 2005 | Business.com - GM of Network Distribution, VP of Business Development

2005 - 2001 | Business.com - VP Engineering

2001 - 2000 | eCompanies L.L.C. / Business.com - Director of Product, Web Development

1999 - 1998 | X Drive - Art Director & Lead Web Producer

1998 - 1994 | Founder of Metaphor Design - Domestic manufacturer of fine jewelry

1990 - 1988 | City of Beverly Hills - Transportation & Engineering Dept.

[2018 - 2014 Advertise.com]

Assisted senior management to formulate and drive sales, product, and network strategies.

Coordinated with Engineering teams to develop dozens of new products for market syndication

Delivered production-ready front-end code for all products

Educated and managed a sales team focused on syndicating Javascript based ad products to hundreds of online web publishers

Made significant contributions to office efficiency, cost control, work atmosphere and culture

[2013 - 2000 Business.com]

As part of the senior executive team and in cooperation with Credit Suisse, I assisted with the private sale of Business.com in 2007 to RH Donnelly Inc. for $370 million

Initiated, managed, and optimized a mutually rewarding Adsense relationship with Google, and grew it to $36 million annually

Primary architect for Business.com's PPC business model in 2001, and helped grow the business unit to $70 million annually

Managed the technology, syndication, and optimization of proprietary paid content to over 50 publishers, generating $20 million in combined annual revenue.

Co-developed and utilized various APIs, XML, JSON, JS, and other on-boarding techniques to get content live and earning money

Managed publisher relationships with premiere brands like Forbes, BusinessWeek, WSJ, Entrepreneur, Hoovers, and many more, totaling hundreds of implementations

Directed a team of managers that handled mid-level publishers, on-boarding, optimization, reporting, issue resolutions

Key driver for both client and partner reporting systems, as well as personally developing UI's and other key front-end interfaces

Key driver for defining and developing traffic quality systems and internal processes to combat click fraud

Managed a team of cross-functional Directors tasked with monetization growth and continual optimization of the Business.com and Work.com platforms.

Played a key role in optimizing profit margin for a mutli-million dollar monthly SEM buying program

Drove all site design, architecture, engineering, and QA for all areas of the business from 2001 to 2005

Skills   [with self-rating]

HTML, CSS, jQuery [9]
ASP, PHP, JS , Ajax, SQL   [6]
SEO/SEM & Marketing   [7]
Graphic Design for both Web and Print   [9]
APIs, XML, Network Distribution Agreements   [10]
WordPress   [7]
Business Development   [8]
Product Development   [8]
Team/Culture Building & Management   [10]


Bachelor of Science, Business Finance, CSUN
MJS Art School

Other Skills & Hobbies

Classical Piano
Oil Painting
Fine Metal Work
Astronomy & Cosmology
Science Education


I have many interests but this quarter I am featuring my recent oil painting efforts.

In April of 2018 I began studying the photo-realistic technique of my favorite contemporary landscape artist, Michael James Smith.

The paintings below are my first attempts, and they are a mix of my efforts to either copy MJS paintings, to follow condensed 5 minute MJS tutorials, or to paint from an MJS reference photo. My next paintings will be based on my own reference photos and will be coming soon.

I want to greatly thank Michael James Smith for sharing his technique with the world, and I encourage anyone interested in oil painting to visit his site and explore his online art school.

Hooman Malekzad
Los Angeles, CA