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Accurate information is the most important value behind almost all that we cherish in our lives, and it is the awesome force behind my career industry, the data driven Internet. As an advocate of the "scientific method", I know that with strong data, creative thinking, and fast iterations to market, many business challenges can turn into lucrative opportunities.

With many years of experience in product development, marketing, design, engineering, advertising, and monetization, I am always ready to bring my high standard of execution to internet focused organizations in Los Angeles.

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Employment History

Presently | GoldenHippo Inc. - Director, Technical Advertising Operations

2018 - 2014 | Advertise.com - VP Publishers Services & Strategic Development

2013 - 2011 | JMI Equity / Business.com - Monetization Consultant

2009 - 2005 | Business.com - GM of Network Distribution, VP of Business Development

2005 - 2001 | Business.com - VP Engineering

2001 - 2000 | eCompanies L.L.C. / Business.com - Director of Product, Web Development

2000 - 1999 | XDrive - Art Director & Lead Web Producer

1999 - 1998 | LFP Inc. - Executive Director of Multimedia

2018 - 2014 at Advertise.com

2013 - 2000 at Business.com

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I like classical piano, astronomy, fine metal work and more, but currently my focus is on oil painting.

From the MJS Art School

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